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As KOBI INTERNATIONAL ADVERTISING AND DISTRIBUTION SERVICES A.S. we have been continuing our studies in force to make our country reach better conditions in global market and turn this position into performance. Details

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    As KOBI FTCD (FOREIGN TRADE CENTRAL DEVELOPMENT) our prior mission is to ensure your company and your products get into the global market and increase your market share. The evaluation of how much share you can get from the global market is done by our experts by presenting reports about market research for your products and in which areas you can compete. »

  • ImportImport

    You will be informed about manufacturers/producers, wholesalers and sellers of the products that you plan to import. »

  • ProductsProducts

    » Aluminium/brass casting, hydraulic/pneumatic parts » Bedclothes, bathrobe, towel, handkerchief, garment » Spare parts of Volkswagen » Furniture parts and accessories » Reclaimed rubber, rubber powder, rubber flooring »

  • ReferencesReferences

    » Kağan Döküm ve Model San. » Arkyıl Tekstil ve Giyim San. » Ramtaş Otomotiv Petrol Ür. » Atasoy Madencilik Mob. San. » Kahya Kauçuk San.... »