You grow up with exporting, Turkey grows up with your trade.

As KOBI FTDC (FOREIGN TRADE DEVELOPMENT CENTER) our prior mission is to ensure your company and your products get into the global market and increase your market share. The evaluation of how much share you can get from the global market is done by our experts by presenting reports about market research for your products and in which areas you can compete.

The improvements and facilities in the name of communication provided by our time has been the elements pushing up competition and the companies using these communication instruments properly and effectively are always one step ahead in this communication course. For this reason the representation of your company on line is of vital importance. You can trust KOBI FTCD who has been in this business for years.

The demands and offers for your products will be evaluated and sent to you at once. The communication between you and your customers will be provided by our experts through the process. In case of your agreement with customers the whole export procedure will be followed up by our foreign trade regulation experts till the products being delivered to the customer in precision and these processes will be done with relevant cost from the point of your company.

The needed logistic services will be carried out with the lowest cost and you will get support and guidance on this. Expert consultants will be offered to you for customs procedures or upon request this proceeding will be made by our company.